| Painazol Product Reviews

10 minutes after taking my first dose of Painazol, my sciatica pain was 90% GONE.
By Diane B. (tn) • ★★★★★

For 2 years I have been in agonizing pain with sciatica after failed back surgery, epidurals, neurostimulator transplant for pain, and numerous narcotics. I was so skeptical about this product, but I was willing to try anything once. 10 minutes after taking my first dose of Painazol, my sciatica pain was 90% GONE. After each dose I kept wondering if it was going to continue to give me relief. I have been taking this product for 3 weeks and it hasn't failed me yet. Oh, how wonderful to get relief! More relief than the strongest narcotic on the market, more relief than my implanted neurostimulator for pain. I am so thankful that I just happened to run across this product in searching for pain relief. Thank you to the people that made this product. I will be forever grateful. I was investigating laser surgery, but my insurance would only cover 60% of the bill. Now, with this product, I will be able to function better than I have for 2 years!!


I was walking without the use of the cane!
By James C. (MS) • ★★★★★

I've had sciatica problems for more than 10 years. As I have in the past, I again chose chiro-care over surgery, five-six-seven times. It helps but is no permanant solution.

After several hours online I decided to try Painazol. I was using a cane for more than two months. In the fifth week, using Painazol, I was walking without the use of the cane. Seven chiro-care visits = $490. Two bottles of Painazol = $54. Free shipping. You do the math.


I have been in pain for over a year...
By Dorothy R. (IL) • ★★★★★

I have been in pain for over a year with sciatica pain, hardly walking and no appetite. After receiving Painazol today I immediately read all the directions and took it. After about ½ hour I did my usual, reaching for my bed post to get up and realized the pain had diminished so much, I could walk without holding on. Amazing! The only thing I could think of was reordering 6 bottles.

You made it so easy to order with your great customer service skills and eagerness to help. Believe me that does not happen. Some seem as if they want to talk more about how much money they can make. A product like this speaks for itself because it creates a desire to tell others about it and whatever else HelloLife has to offer. Whomever allowed the manufacture of this product to come forth, I pray all people with sciatica pain can have this product.

Thank you for your superb customer service.


It seemed to help!
By Susan D. (Fl ) • ★★★★★

I received the Painazol so very fast and it seemed to help with the patient's pain. It's just hard to tell because of other medications he is taking. He is doing well though.


The results were immediate and great!
By Arlene V. (CA) • ★★★★★

The first time I took Painazol was after 3 straight weeks of not being able to walk at all. I followed the directions and rubbed it into the areas effected by my sciatica pain. The results were immediate and great. I am in my 80s and I've been around a long time and I absolutely could not believe the results. It worked so well that I gave some to my mother who will turn 103 later this year to use on her knee. It worked great for my mother and helped her enough that she has been able to sleep better.

This is the 1st time after so many years that I've found anything to give me any relief at all.


Thank you, thank you!
By Holly K. (OH) • ★★★★★

I truly appreciate your product. I was using over the counter pain medication and nothing was touching the pain. I am a polio survivor of 1946. All my life I have gone the extra mile to stay on my feet plus keep the pain under control, but, now it has all caught up with me.

I was on the Internet trying to find a product that would reduce the pain of muscles and I ran across your ad. First, I looked for reviews that would debunk your statements of eliminating pain. I couldn't find any. So, I thought, I will try it. And voila, IT WORKS! Thank you, thank you!


I've gotten rid of those harsh pain pills I was taking...
By Margaret W. (CT) • ★★★★★

I am very pleased with your product. I really enjoy using Painazol. It worked for me in helping reduce my pain due to my sciatic nerve. It works better than all other pain medications I have used. It has given me so much relief and I've even gotten rid of those harsh pain pills that I was taking, and best of all I'm no longer dealing with constipation, thanks to Painazol.

When I ran out of Painazol I was panicky because nothing else works for me like Painazol. So I intend to keep using this medication as long as I'm getting good results.


The pain is 95% GONE!
By Haim E. (FL) • ★★★★★

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to "voice" my experience with Painazol!

6 months ago, I had undergone surgery of a ruptured disk (in Europe). Prior to surgery the sciatic pain was unbearable! NONE of the pain-killers I was prescribed helped! About a month ago I started having the same sciatic pain "traveling" through my left leg from top to bottom. I wanted to believe it was only my imagination before it disappeared. However, I was wrong--it has gotten worse by the day.

Being now in the US I was searching for "magic" medication that might help the situation. Painazol came up on my web search, so I decided to take a shot on it (being natural/homeopathic). I must admit that I was quite hesitant.

The first 3-4 days I took Painazol 3 times a day (instructions are for 2x), I also had to supplement with 2 ibuprofens. On the 5th day I began to feel relief, thinking "it's temporary"...I was AMAZED that in 10 days the pain was 75% gone and now (after 3 weeks with Painazol) it is 95% GONE! Knowing what I had suffered, this is just UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you!


By Ileana . (FL ) • ★★★★★

It's amazing! I LOVE IT!!!!!

Painazol takes the pain away without NSAIDs' side effects. I am getting to the middle of my second bottle and would like to make sure I get another shipment.

You have a GREAT product. Thank You!


I love it!
By Ileana N. (florida) • ★★★★★

I love it! I take it two or three times and day and it really has helped my sciatic nerve pain


The very next day my pain was better.
By Byron R. (Texas) • ★★★★

I started taking Painazol and the very next day my pain was better. By the 2nd day it was gone. I am not saying it doesn't come back, but it is not as bad as it used to be. I just ordered my 2nd order and I know it won't be my last. Anyone for golf? Thank God for Painazol!


It is a pleasure to go through most of a day sitting without having any pain or discomfort.
By Barbara S. (NJ) • ★★★★★

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you. Painazol really works. It is a pleasure to go through most of a day sitting without having any pain or discomfort.


Great product!
By Karl H. (Alaska) • ★★★★★

Great product! I have recommended it to several others.


This product has helped tremendously.
By Marion G. (Ontario) • ★★★★

I thought I was having a lot of leg pain and leg weakness due to a bad hip. After trying Painazol I now think the problem is coming from my back and possible sciatica. This product has helped tremendously compared to {other OTC pain relievers}. I plan to stay on it for a long time.


Worked very well!
By Alice B. (FL) • ★★★★★

Thank you. Both products worked very well!


Painazol really helped with the sharp pain in my lower back.
By Yuriy C. (NY ) • ★★★★★

Painazol really helped with the sharp pain in my lower back. I did not take it internally, but only topically. Whenever I feel the onset of pain I rub few drops into my lower back or knee. Thank you guys.


It works well relieving pain from work and exercise.
By Thomas B. (IL ) • ★★★★★

Great product - it works well relieving pain from work and exercise. Thanks HelloLife!


Within 4 days the pain went away.
By Richard D. (Or) • ★★★★★

I had severe pain that caused me to limp. After going numerous times to a chiropractor, I tried your product. Within 4 days the pain went away. Great product!
Thank you!


I can honestly say that I am just about pain free.
By Valerie S. (Maryland) • ★★★★

I had severe sciatic pain, and there were days when I couldn't even walk. After countless visits to various doctors, I decided to see what else was out there because nothing I was taking was working for me. The Painazol is amazing! I have been taking it for just over a month and I can honestly say that I am just about pain free. I had knee surgery 2 years ago, and have been struggling with various compensation pains ever since. No more! Painazol works. I would highly recommend, and have, to anyone searching for a solution to arthritic and sciatic pain relief! Thank you, HelloLife, for a great product.


This product has helped a lot!
By Migdalia R. (New York) • ★★★★★

My daughter found Painazol when she was researching info on sciatica for me. I did therapy & anti-inflammatory meds, but it was not helping. This product has helped a lot...I still have some discomfort, but it's much better! Can I take it three times a day instead of twice? I have recommended this product to friends & family. Thanks so much.


I'm so glad I found HelloLife.
By Carol Lynne S. (CA) • ★★★★★

I have only been on the product for a week and already notice a difference. I will be reordering 6 bottles next week. I much prefer the natural and was very pleased with the result when applying it directly to my back, knees, and ankles. Wonderful product! I'm so glad I found HelloLife.
Thank you!


I was finally able to sleep.
By Diana T. (new mexico) • ★★★★★

I'm having some severe symptoms of sciatica which has caused me a lack of sleep. The burning and aching in my butt and up into my thigh has been bad. I took several doses of the Painazol and didn't get any relief. Luckily, I previously bought Neuroveen. Whether it was the combination of the two, or the Neuroveen itself, I was finally able to sleep.


I am very pleased.
By Marjorie B. (CT) • ★★★★

My son pulled his back, so he tried Painazol and it still hurt some the next day, so he applied it again. He also had pain in his arm and wrist for weeks, so he applied it to those parts too. Guess what? No more pain in his back, arm, or wrist.
I am very pleased.


It appears to work very fast and without any negative side effects.
By Paulette M. (PA) • ★★★★

I love the product. It appears to work very fast and without any negative side effects. I still take it every now then for any pain or discomfort. I will be trying your hair product to help with my thinning hair.

Thank you.


Would recommend it.
By Clarine W. (Arkansas) • ★★★★

I have been using Painazol for about two months and have been getting good results as concerns my sciatica pain. I use it both internally and externally, and would recommend it.


Not taking any pain medications.
By Shelly S. (Virginia) • ★★★★

Received the Painazol, thank you. Fortunately, I am feeling much better and not taking any pain medications.


I love your product.
By Patricia L. (California) • ★★★★★

I love your product. I even gave a new bottle to my brother, as he was in pain. Now I'm saving up to buy another three. It is difficult, but with God's help,I will do it. Thank you for being concerned and for caring. This means a lot.


My sciatic nerve pain is gone.
By Robert M. (Alaska) • ★★★★★

After taking Painazol for two weeks, my sciatic nerve pain is gone.


I am so glad that I purchased the product.
By Gail G. (Virginia) • ★★★★★

First I would like to say, thank you so much the Painazol, it works very well. I am so glad that I purchased the product.


Did give minor improvement
By Richard L. (NY) • ★★★★★

Perhaps a little much to ask for because my disc is herniated, but it did give minor improvement.


Did not help
By Peggy . (AZ)

Couldn't see any difference. Did not help.


I received so much relief
By Marjorie C. (LA) • ★★★★★

Within an hour I received so much relief of the pain I had been suffering since early January of this year. I am so thankful for Painazol. Three months plus of pain was almost more than I could handle. No other meds helped. I consider Painazol a God send. Thank you.


My sister calls it my miracle drug.
By Michael E. D. (NY) • ★★★★★

I have sciatica and my right knee is very tender and it gets the muscles in my leg throbbing. Now, when this happens, I just put a few drops on the area and in a few seconds it stops.
My niece has bad ankles so I had her try a few drops to see if it helped and the next day she had me order more.
It is a little pricey to take orally, but I have and it does work.
My sister calls it my "miracle drug."


I would recommend this product
By Lucia B. (MA) • ★★★★★

I've only been on Painazol 3 weeks and have noticed a 50% improvement in sciatica across my foot. I still have some tingling though. I hope it subsides completely.

I'm very active and play tennis and garden.

I would recommend this product to at least try as taking pills gets to be too much, especially with negative side effects.


Highly recommended.
By Paul C. (FL) • ★★★★

Very pleased with your Painazol product. Only ordered one bottle to see if it would give me relief from the sciatica I was experiencing. It did the job. Relieved my pain & I can get on with my normal activities. Highly recommended.


I feel great.
By Jose R. S. (AZ) • ★★★★

I've tried Painazol for almost one year and I feel great.


I would highly recommend it
By DONNA S. (NY) • ★★★★★

After one month I am nearly symptom free. I had tingling, burning, and pain down my left leg. I have had 2 back surgeries that helped, but my quality of life wasn't where I wanted it to be. I maintain a good weight, walk, and do yoga. I hadn't tried anything homeopathic, but when I found Painazol I decided to try it. I would highly recommend it and did give my mother in law a bottle.


He has resumed his normal activities thanks to Painazol
By Gene A. (TX) • ★★★★

My husband has been using your Painazol for his sciatic nerve problem. It has made a significant difference in pain management. He has resumed his normal activities thanks to Painazol. We have always been active and for him to not be able to take part in our way of life was heartbreaking. So, thanks Hellolife.


I did a complete turn around
By Joyce M. (IA) • ★★★★

I have to say that I am not sure what exactly made me improve quickly after changing my treatment from pills and shots that did nothing but make me blooming idiot. I went to a chiropractor and I must say it did help a lot, but I was still in a lot of pain and still on the pain pills. I really didn't want to wake up in the mornings because I hurt so bad. I got on the internet, and found your product Painazol. I ordered it. I was skeptical, but I got it and started taking it. In the meantime I was referred to another chiropractor that had a decompression table. I was in awe over the next two weeks, I did a complete turn around. My pain was gone and I don't have another adjustment for a month and I take Painazol 3 times a day. I think it was the combination of the 2, but I really don't know. I went from not even being able to walk, sit, or stand, to back to normal. I am giving Painazol a big thumbs up because I do think it did it job and I don't have to go back to my doctor for a month!


The pain relief gel is amazing!
By Jeanne D. (MT) • ★★★★

This product did not help my husband; however, I noticed some relief using it. The free pain relief gel you sent is amazing! I love it and will definitely be ordering that again. Thank you so much for including it with my order. I probably would not have tried it otherwise.


A surprise sample helped with my recovery...
By Lynn C. (Colorado) • ★★★★★

My husband recently purchased some Candidol which he uses regularly and we received a new sample product called Painazol.

I would like to say it really is a good pain reliever that doesn't have the odor or burning sensation the other products have. I just had knee surgery and I'm in the recovery stage, and Painazol has really helped with the pain associated with recovery.

Thank you for the sample and I'm looking forward to my new order.



I took Painazol before going to bed...
By Gary K. (MI) • ★★★★

I received Painazol as a gift from my daughter. I had shoulder pain and took Painazol before I went to bed. When I woke up the pain had subsided considerably.

I like the fact that Painazol goes on clear and doesn't stain my clothes or bedding. I would definitely try Painazol again and would recommend others to try it.


In two minutes, the pain was gone!
By Kristy K. (Michigan) • ★★★★

I have chronic neck pain, and after sleeping with my neck crooked to the side the other night, it hurt even more than usual. I decided to try Painazol because I figured it couldn't hurt.

I applied Painazol to the back of my neck onto my hair line, and in two minutes (I timed it), the pain was gone! After the Painazol dried, there was no sticky mess, and it didn't even make my hair feel gross. I didn't have to worry about it staining my clothes either.

I like Painazol so much better than other topical pain relievers, I don't like the sensation of my skin on fire or on ice, and after that stuff wears off, you can usually feel the same pain come back. Thanks for creating a great new product!


I have had several surgeries and tried several different medications ...
By Kathy K. (Michigan) • ★★★★★

I have had problems with my thumb for the last three years. I have had several surgeries and have tried several different medications. Painazol is the first thing I have found that gives me the best relief.